Dull day, bright outlook

Hi, the clouds cannot dull my fervour today, Celeste went to work very happy, that, as well as the news I got first thing this morning, makes me very happy too.

I had a target that Celeste and I should save to have a comfortable holiday, don’t know if you are the same, but I would hate being on holiday and worrying about every Euro we were spending, that is not a holiday. We are going for 24 days, why so long if you are short of money I hear you ask, well, we are getting married there and cannot book the registrar until we arrive, then we have to wait a fortnight before we have the ceremony, and then another 5 or 6 days till the respective Embassies stamp the papers to make them official, a long process.  It will be worth it in the end, but a nice, worry free holiday will be nice as well.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_4752 IMG_4753

2 thoughts on “Dull day, bright outlook

  1. What a beautiful loch! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and also for so many likes. It’s so kind of you. Have a great holiday with Celeste! I wish you a wonderful life with her!

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