Runaround morning

Hi, I awoke to a £79 pending transaction on my bank account, it didn’t say what it was. I didn’t order anything on that amount so I went to the bank as soon as it opened, they told me it was Amazon, I hadn’t put in any orders to them, but I said I would go back home and check my Amazon account. This I did and I was right, no orders, back to the bank, they found an empty office and called the call centre for me, I spoke to India for about 5 minutes and got nowhere, only to find it was Amazon Prime, the fast delivery service, they had offered a months free trial, but never notified me that it had finished and they would take one years subscription from me. Home again and cancelled the service, they are going to refund the money that they don’t have yet. I have direct debits and standing orders coming of tomorrow, the first of the month, I am going to be short, thus I will probably have bank charges, argggggghhhhhhh.

Take this as a warning, don’t take free trials as they sneakily take money at the end of it without letting you know.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_4844 IMG_4846 IMG_4847 IMG_4848

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