Torrential rain this morning

Hi, it is more than just showers of rain this morning, it is like thunder plumps without the thunder. This is supposed to be the height of summer, that is laughable, but eight weeks today I will be meeting Celeste of her flight, in a sunny, hot Cyprus. I have been avoiding looking up Cyprus on the net as it makes it feel so long till we go there, but yesterday I couldn’t resist the temptation, I was dreaming and making plans, so many places of beauty to see, so many cultural sites to visit, I think I might get one or two photos while I am there lol.

Thanks for dropping in, take care ,

Photos below are of a model T Ford, which is just like the one driven up Ben Nevis in 1911, they are trying to raise £85,000 to build a bronze replica to be placed in Fort William, in the spot this one was displayed, to commemorate the achievement.


4 thoughts on “Torrential rain this morning

    1. Hi Bob, I had heard about it before, but never knew any details, the ones that are trying to raise money for the replica have a website, can’t remember the address, but will put a photo of the banner in my next blog in a few minutes. Happy researching,

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