Weather broken

Hi, our glorious spell of weather has come to an end, heavy showers of rain which are set to continue for at least three days according to the Met Office. The air feels a lot fresher now though. 

Celeste is back to work today after her two days off, but this is the last day of Ramadan and that means a two day holiday on Monday and Tuesday. We are hoping the Cyprus Embassy is open this morning so that Celeste can apply for her visa, if it is she will get her visa by the 5th August, she can relax then, at the moment she has some doubts about being granted the visa, but that is natural after the encounter with the UK Border Agency, she will get the visa this time, I am sure of it. Cyprus is looming now, I fly out five weeks today and Celeste, five weeks tomorrow, she will soon be Mrs Mackenzie.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_5097 IMG_5098

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