Back to sunny skies

Hi, blue sky this morning and the countdown continues. Celeste will join me in Cyprus five weeks today, the excitement builds. There is one disappointment though, I had to cancel the hire car, I never noticed that, even though I would be paying the remainder of the hire in cash, I would need to produce a credit card, this is incase I steal or sell the car, I don’t have, and don’t want, a credit card. I have done more research into getting about Cyprus though and there are local taxis, a lot cheaper than the airport taxis, but the local ones aren’t allowed to operate from the airport. The bus services are good too, we can visit all the major cities via the intercity buses and we can get a monthly ticket on the Larnaca local buses for 40 Euros each, although they are called local buses they take in villages for miles around, so everything is now sorted and we are ready to go.

Celeste is off for two days, it is a muslim holiday that celebrates the end of Ramadan, so I will have her lovely company for today and tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping in, take care. 

IMG_5099 IMG_5101

4 thoughts on “Back to sunny skies

    1. I agree, but they are thinking I might steal the car. They took my deposit by debit card and I can pay the remainder by it, but they still insist I produce a credit card. We can get about by bus, but won’t be able to stop for every photo opportunity 🙂

      1. Yes, I understand their reasoning but it’s still silly. I mean, who has the price of a car free on their credit card anyway, right? 😉

        Good that you can get around by bus. That’s what I do since I don’t drive.

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