Early blog this morning

Hi, Celeste is back to work this morning and it is back to her full hours of nine till five, Ramadan is over, for her at least, some are still on holiday, but I hope the Cyprus Embassy is working today and Celeste can submit her Visa application, she is still a bit worried about it, the sooner it is submitted, the sooner it will be issued. As for me it will be a long day on my own, the time has started to drag as we get nearer to Cyprus, having Celeste to talk too helped, but now we will only have the evenings, I think I am going back to my childhood, excitement is getting to me lol.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_5105 IMG_5106

3 thoughts on “Early blog this morning

  1. Thanks for calling past my Photo Morsels blog. I have just read some of your posts and like the images of Scotland you’re posting. Advice though from someone who lives in a hot climate – don’t be too confident that you can just pop your shirt off in Cyprus and not get painfully sunburnt. I would recommend caution and sun block lotion. Bad sunburn will put a real dampener on your holiday pleasure.

    1. Thanks for looking in on my blog and thanks for the advice. I would never take my T-shirt off and the parts that are open to the sun will have a sun block applied, that happens here in Scotland too 🙂

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