Wheels in motion

Hi, Celeste went to the agency in Dubai that takes in the papers, and payment, for her visa from the Cypriot Embassy in Abu Dhabi. They dealt with their part of it, but the Embassy process will not begin till Sunday as they are still on holiday, but she should get word by next Wednesday or Thursday as she paid extra to get an SMS when the decision is made, roll on when she gets it, all the doubts on her side will be dispersed, she is still thinking about being turned down by the UK Border Agency. Friends of Celeste have got Schengen Visas before, but they are working women with working partners, therefore they have showed more money in the bank, she thinks that she has to have the same amount of money,  I try to reassure her by saying she has enough money and most importantly, she has travel insurance, but she won’t relax till the visa is granted.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_5108 IMG_5110 

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