In Glasgow

Hi, just a quick blog as I get ready for breakfast and then get my gear together for the second stage of my journey, the nine hour bus trip to London. Had a nice chat with Celeste this morning, but at one stage she asked me why I was so cranky, it must have been […]

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Stage one

Hi, the time has arrived, this morning I set of by bus to Glasgow, I feel both nervous and excited, Although I haven’t woken up properly yet, my mind is racing, have I packed all I need? I am sure I will be still thinking the same thing when I am on the bus lol. […]

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Last minute jobs

Hi, after thinking I have been so organised for the last couple of weeks I have noticed that I never got my e-ticket for the flight printed out, Aaaaargh, old age lol. My printer is out of ink, it being a cheap printer, the ink costs a bomb, for all I use it I am […]

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