Spoiled for company this week

Hi, Celeste has another two days off, we are going to take it bad next week when all the short hours and rest days related to the religious holidays are over. Next week it will be full nine to five for six days, back to six days one week, five the next, but it is only for this month and then she will have a month off, a glorious twenty four days of which will be spent with me on Cyprus, getting near now, four weeks today I will be starting my journey by bus to London and flying to Larnaca.

I am up early this morning and getting this published before Celeste awakens, we can then spend the day together. Hope you all have a happy Friday.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Oh, sorry, very remiss of me, a very warm welcome and thank you to all my new followers, look forward to popping in to your worlds from time to time.

IMG_5112 IMG_5113

9 thoughts on “Spoiled for company this week

      1. No such thing as labour laws, locals get paid more than incoming workers and four people all doing the same type of work can be on different salaries 😦

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