Catch up on our story

Hi, I got a message in the comment section of one of my old blogs in which I was having a moan, I can’t write a reply to the comment, don’t know why, so I thought I would update my new followers on Celeste and I’s story.

I am Scottish and still live in Scotland, as you can probably tell by my photos lol, Celeste is from the Philippines, but works in Dubai. We were introduced on Facebook by a mutual friend about a year ago and fell in love very quickly. I asked her to marry me and the wedding was planned for Scotland in April 2014, that was until the UK Border Agency stepped in and refused Celeste a visa. Although we were very upset, we started making alternative arrangements, I found out that we could get married in Cyprus and the marriage would be recognised internationally. The stage we are at now is waiting on Celeste’s visa to be granted for Cyprus and then we fly out in four weeks time. After our honeymoon we will, unfortunately, be going our separate ways again and starting the process of getting her a Residential Visa for the UK, it is a long and expensive process, but we will be together in the end.

I hope it clears things up for my new friends and for the person that thought I should let Celeste and her boyfriend get on with it themselves lol

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_5114 IMG_5115Β 

9 thoughts on “Catch up on our story

  1. Hey good luck. When I moved with my family from England to the US, the whole visa, greencard thing was a nightmare. Got there in the end, but it’s slow and frustrating. Hope everything turns out OK!

  2. Thanks for filling us newbies in on your life. I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and looking at your photos. I’m looking forward to reading about your wedding. Thanks for stopping by and following me.

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