Monsoon season I think

Hi, it is still dark here, but I can hear the rain come down in torrents. I suppose it is the balance of rain and sun that keeps our countryside so green and so appealing to my camera, and thousands of tourists, but we still moan when the rain comes. I have to go and do a bit of shopping today, I will go as soon as the supermarket opens, our area depends on tourists, but when you are trying to get round the supermarket and the tourists have made it a family event, it can be a real pain. You get a man, woman and two children spread out across the isle, the woman says we will get Corn Flakes, one of the children says no, they prefer another brand, a ten minute discussion then takes place till a decision is reached, meanwhile they are blocking the whole isle. I often wonder if they are so inconsiderate at home, or do they just think that they are on holiday and have plenty of time, therefore the locals have plenty of time too. While I am on this rant, the roads are the same. We have very twisty roads round here and they need constant concentration, but the tourists think that they can drive and look at the scenery at the same time, this is more dangerous than the supermarket scenario, people get killed or seriously injured on the roads every year due to driving without due care and attention.

Rant over. Celeste is back to work today, six days this week, but only four weeks left of the countdown to Cyprus, the nearer it gets, the slower the time seems to pass.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_5117 IMG_5122 

3 thoughts on “Monsoon season I think

  1. I totally sympathise with the tourist influx. It is exactly the same here in Cape Town for the whole of summer (Dec and Jan). Even tho I live in the suburbs, away from major tourist attractions, I still find a trip to my local supermarket for bread turns into a major excursion. We basically hibernate for summer! Ditto with the idiotic driving of tourists! With the added ‘bonus’ here of them getting into difficulties in the sea, by ignoring all the warnings.
    Only 4 weeks to go! So exciting. 🙂

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