Back to the wedding ring jungle

Hi, two weeks ago yesterday I ordered the wedding ring from the local Argos store, it was in the end of catalogue sale, I was told it would take 7 to 10 days to come in and I would get a phone call to tell me when it had arrived. Last Friday I went to the store to enquire on the progress as it was over the ten days, a young girl asked me, with sharpness in her voice, if I had received a phone call, when I said no she said it must be held up at the distribution centre, wait for the phone call. I went back yesterday and saw another woman, she couldn’t understand why it was taking so long so she looked it up on the computer, no sign of the order, she then phoned the distribution centre and was told the ring was no longer available. I asked the woman why they take an order and don’t bother fulfilling it, she replied that she had no idea and she started spluttering about it being a very large computer system and they couldn’t keep up with the system when there was a catalogue change. I would suggest Argos get a new IT Company to run their system properly.

While I am talking about Argos, I also ordered a remote shutter release from them online, for home delivery, and it was almost a fortnight ago, I noticed on an email that I could check the progress of the order, I clicked on that to see that the item has been delivered,  I wonder who has the item because I don’t. I emailed to complain two days ago, still awaiting a reply. I am sure you can gather that I do not recommend using Argos for store orders or online orders.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_0124 IMG_0125

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