Appointment today

Hi, I have an appointment today with an optician, I have used Specsavers for the last few years, but their nearest branch is in Oban, 43 miles away. A leaflet came through the door a couple of weeks ago for Specsdirect2u, it is offering a free pair of sunglasses with every eye test and they are based locally. It is handy that they are local and the free sunglasses are inviting, but are the sunglasses prescription? I have been mulling this question in my mind since I made the appointment, if they are not prescription there is no point in offering them, but it could be just a ploy to get people with good eyes to get regular eye tests, the eyes show if there is signs of a few other disorders, it is always a good idea to get a regular eye test.

Celeste is off today, but I won’t see much of her, she is going to church this morning and by the time she gets back I will be going to the optician, this is her only day of this week, back to work tomorrow. We will see each other all day, every day, when we get to Cyprus, that is such a wonderful thought.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_0135-crop IMG_0137 

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