Shoes for the our wedding bought

Hi, Celeste finishes early from work on a Saturday, the mall in Dubai and the one in Sharjah were trawled lol. The shoes were bought in Dubai, but she also needed a new suitcase, they were too expensive in Dubai and Sharjah Mall was on her way home, suitcase found also. She bought me two T-shirts as well, I was going to tell you what is written on them, but I will keep you in suspense, I will put a photo of me wearing one of them in my blog from Cyprus.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_3427 IMG_3430

3 thoughts on “Shoes for the our wedding bought

    1. You are correct, but the actual booking of the wedding date cannot be done till we get to Cyprus. All the forward prep is complete, just watching the time tick away now 🙂

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