Countdown continues

Hi, two weeks today I leave Fort William for the first leg to Glasgow, Saturday to london and Sunday to Cyprus. The excitement is still building, must reach a crescendo at some point, surely lol. I wonder if Celeste slept last night, she is worse than me, I told her last night that she doesn’t need an aircraft for the journey to Cyprus, she is flying high enough without one lol. This is the start of Celeste’s two days off so I will have her company, when she awakens, could be a while if she was awake all night lol.Β 

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_3468 IMG_3471

9 thoughts on “Countdown continues

  1. Look at those gorgeous seashells!

    Have you written in the past about how you met Celeste and all that? Sounds like a beautiful romance and appreciate that you update us toward your big day. Best Wishes!

      1. haha – I knew it! I do the same when I visit UK. When I think of something i want to take, I just throw it in the case. Then I have to take it all out again, as I am 20kg over the limit πŸ˜€ But it is exciting for you – as the time approaches πŸ™‚

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