Leaving UK, coming back to Scotland

Hi, the title might look like a very strange statement, but I fly off to Cyprus on August 30th, Scotland is part of the UK, I will be in Cyprus on the 18th Sept when there is a vote for an Independent Scotland, ( I have submitted my form for a postal vote ) so I will, hopefully, be flying back to an Independent Scotland. It is great how politicians can twist things to their own ends, it is well known now that the National Health Service in England and Wales have been partially privatised, contracts have been entered into, which, even if a change of government wants to change back to the free service, would cost a vast fortune to reverse as the companies with the contracts could sue the government. Labour MPs in England are outraged and speaking out about this situation, but Alistair Darling, Labour MP and leader of the Better Together Campaign, is denying that this has happened, it suits his cause to side with the Conservatives to meet his own ends, remember that once Scotland becomes Independent the Scottish Westminster MPs will be unemployed, they are talking any old rubbish to stay in work, I should say, very lucrative work. In the UK now it is very worrying for anybody to become unemployed, even if you have worked for 30 years in the same job, but the company went to the wall, you will still be looked upon as a scrounger for claiming benefits, that is the way the people of this country have been programmed by right wing governments for the last few decades, I know we had a Labour Government, but the only thing red about Tony Blair was his tie.

A long paragraph of letting off steam this morning, but as a person that relies on the NHS and benefits system, I am really worried that there is a No vote, I could face cuts in my already low benefits and doctors frightened to prescribe drugs because they cost too much, people in work will be paying a fortune if they become sick, I feel sorry for the people of England and Wales, they are already tied into that with no escape.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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3 thoughts on “Leaving UK, coming back to Scotland

  1. It’ll be just like here in the U.S! Low-income people can’t afford to get sick. If you miss work, you’re not paid and if you need medical care, too bad.

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