Hi, I feel like a pet dog at the moment, I am doing two walks a day, pushing myself as hard as I can. It isn’t easy when my back gets sore, then the pain moves down my legs, my chest also gives me trouble, but it will be worth it, on Cyprus I can go for an unpressurised stroll with more ease, the heat of the sun out there should also help the back pain. I just hope that I can persuade Celeste that it is alright to go for walks, she is a real worrier, I will have to get her to understand that exercise is not only alright for me, it is very necessary, as it is with healthy people who want to stay that way.

Only three days till I start my journey and five days till I set foot on Cyprus, unfortunately it is six days till Celeste arrives to join me.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_5149 IMG_5150 

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