Stage one

Hi, the time has arrived, this morning I set of by bus to Glasgow, I feel both nervous and excited, Although I haven’t woken up properly yet, my mind is racing, have I packed all I need? I am sure I will be still thinking the same thing when I am on the bus lol.

Celeste has finished work for her holidays, but communication will be cut drastically between us over the next few days, due to my travelling. I am not looking forward to a weekend without seeing much of Celeste, but I am consoling myself with the thought of seeing her on Monday in Cyprus.

My blog, I am not sure what will happen to the frequency of the blog, but I will update you as often as possible and, of course, will get photos on as much as possible, my use of the computer will be when my wife allows me lol.

I would like to say a big thank you for all the good wishes from my lovely followers, but, for now, thanks for dropping in and take care.

IMG_5155 IMG_5157 IMG_5159 IMG_5160


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