Arrived safely

Hi, I arrived safely in Larnaca, just a pity my suitcase didn’t. I changed planes in Munich, but Lufthansa decided not to change the cases over, a Cypriot couple, who also boarded at Heathrow, suffered the same fate. The luggage was located quickly and I am assured the case will be delivered to my hotel first thing this morning, it better be, Celeste is on her way and I don;t want to welcome her in my stinky travel clothes.

When I finally got out of the airport I was met with a wall of heat, there is a heatwave here. The girl at the hotel said to me that it was lucky I didn’t arrive mid-day, it was 44c, but the temperature was now down to 38c, this was at 6.45pm, thank goodness for air conditioning in the apartment or I wouldn’t have got any sleep last night. 

I better go now and prepare for Celeste’s arrival at 1.05pm, I was too tired to go shopping last night, just two lovely cod bottles of local beer in the hotel, so here I am, coffee less, I don’t know how I am functioning at all this morning lol.

Thanks for dropping in, I will leave you with some pics of Heathrow Airport early in the morning, take care.

IMG_5165 IMG_5166 IMG_5167 IMG_5168


















4 thoughts on “Arrived safely

  1. Inefficiency at the airport still reigns. I know the feeling of waiting and wondering when the luggage will arrive. 😦 Puts a real dampener on the trip, even though the luggage eventually finds its way to you. The question is when…

  2. Glad you made it – pity about your case! I am surprised at Lufhansa!! My husband once spent 3 days in USA without his luggage – had to wash his shirt out each night and hang in the shower!! Thanks for the Heathrow pics – my worst nightmare! I pass thro there also in the early hours after a 12 hour flight! Not much fun. But all your woes will evaporate once you see Celeste again 🙂

  3. Glad you arrive well. In one of my travels this year I had the same problem with my suitcase. I had an important meeting the next day, so I had to buy new clothes and personal stuff in a store close by the hotel. Now I know I should always have a small carry on with one outfit and few things to survive at least one day without my suitcase.

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