Going home as single people

Hi, my anger at all that has taken place on this island is very slowly abating, came here to get married, made a lot of sacrifices in order to save the money, got a lot of financial support from my very kind family and friends, now I will return to Scotland as a single person. Celeste, as you can imagine, is very upset, she is thinking that I will look for someone else nearer home that will eliminate the need for visas and all the complications of marrying a Filipino, but she is far from the truth, if I cannot marry her I will stay single, though staying single is not an option, I am going to marry Celeste, end of story.

The final part of the saga began on Saturday with a phone call to a member of staff in the Philippines Consulate, he had told us before that he arranged for us to go to a court to sign a sworn Affidavit and then, for 900 Euros, a Registrar would marry us, this marriage would be legal in Cyprus and, once Celeste had posted in her Certificate of Singleness with the Red Ribbon, the marriage would be internationally recognised,in desperation we agreed to pay this blatant bribe. On Sunday morning we got a phone call telling us to be in Nicosia for 8am and everything was arranged. Monday morning and we arrived in Nicosia about 7.45am, made a phone call to a number we were given and a couple picked us up, she was Filipino and he was a Cypriot, we were then taken to a Court where we swore the Affidavit, everything was fine at that point, we were then driven to the Registrars office where we were told that the papers weren’t in order and we couldn’t get married, it was like running at full speed into a brick wall. We got our money back and went to the bus station for the journey back to Larnaca. I thought that one more attempt would be worthwhile so I went back to the Registrar in Larnaca, I pointed out that the Cyprus Government website states that if there is a problem with the paperwork we could get an Affidavit and go ahead and get married, this got a reply that the website is a generalisation and didn’t refer specifically to Filipino’s, is this institutional racism?

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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12 thoughts on “Going home as single people

  1. Ugh, terrible. I don’t know the process or the barriers but they, somebody, whoever is making this more difficult than it needs to be. Can Celeste return to Scotland with you at least? Good Luck.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this – after all you both went through. Can’t believe how difficult this has been made. I know you will find a way to be married in the end. As you say, hope springs eternal. You will triumph. 🙂

  3. Stay strong! I really hope that you find a solution. I have to say though, even though this sounds naive that love always finds a way. My boyfriend and I managed to overcome visa crap and now live in NZ. If you are open to living elsewhere in the world together, maybe that’s an option. Good luck and you will overcome this and succeed I am sure of it

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