Business as usual

Hi, the referendum for Scottish Independence is over, as a believer in democracy I accept the result, but the majority of the people that voted to stay in the UK have been duped by Prime Minister, David Cameron. He promised more powers for the Scottish Parliament in a few months time, but has thrown in a federal system for the whole UK, this, as he knows, will muddy the waters enough to allow Scotland to be forgotten, we are in a worse mess now than before the referendum started. I hope the pro-UK voters don’t end up in a situation where they are joining the queues for the foodbanks.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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3 thoughts on “Business as usual

  1. Without any Scottish heritage (but knowing more than one person who does), I still had doubts on staying with the UK. I think part of this issue is being duped by statism, how staying with the familiar will keep you safer and more secure / monied. I’m surprised our US president wasn’t right there helping Cameron! And I guess having 16-17 year olds voting changed little – everyone is statist now.

    At least, there are always those sunny Mediterranean pics! The narrow streets one can walk down, stone and balconies are something to envy.

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