Stiff upper lip required

Hi, my last day with Celeste on Cyprus has begun, mixed feelings abound. The time spent together has been wonderful, I will always remember our first twenty four days together, it wasn’t the start of our relationship, but an important step towards our future together, lots of ups and downs, though the downs were caused […]

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Second last day

Hi, Celeste and I will be leaving Cyprus on Wednesday and going to our separate homes, still no closer to our aim of being together in Scotland. The things in life that are important are worth fighting for though, so the battle goes on. It will be a big wrench in the early hours of […]

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Business as usual

Hi, the referendum for Scottish Independence is over, as a believer in democracy I accept the result, but the majority of the people that voted to stay in the UK have been duped by Prime Minister, David Cameron. He promised more powers for the Scottish Parliament in a few months time, but has thrown in […]

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