Cold morning

Hi, the wind and the rain seem to have past, quite quiet outside, but the temperature is only 2c, might get a few photos taken before the forecast rain comes in later. I am beginning to feel a bit stronger now, the urge to get out with the camera is getting stronger too lol.

Celeste is back at work today after the long weekend off, today will be her first day wearing the company uniform, the rest of the staff were issued with them when she was in Cyprus. The uniform might make getting dressed for work a lot simpler, she sometimes changes half a dozen times before she is satisfied, the uniform gives her two choices, skirt or trousers? No doubt she can go from skirt to trousers two or three times some mornings, but that is a woman thing, us mere men don’t understand these things lol.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_5317 IMG_5323 IMG_5325 IMG_5327

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