Friday company

Hi, it is Friday again and it is the start of Celeste’s two day weekend, luckily the weather hasn’t been too bad the last few days and I got out and got a few photos for the stockpile.

Once in a while a photo really jumps out at me, whether it does the same for others is up to taste, but I really like this one,so it is the only one I am putting on today. I just received in the post a wide angle/macro, lens attachment, I had to go straight out and try it. The shot is down Loch Linnhe, Fort William, Scotland, and is more effective if you click on it to enlarge.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.


6 thoughts on “Friday company

  1. Reblogged this on beebeesworld and commented:
    Seems I moss the best photos lately. A black snake visited my garage today and we had to show him the way out before he got under the many items lining the sides. Memories are nice -when my camera isnt handy, I keep the picture safely in my mind.

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