Lost mentor

Hi, I might have mentioned before that my photographic mentor is a very good professional photographer from New Zealand, we have had lots of discussions, even arguments, about lots of subjects, not only photography, but a recent photo on Facebook which depicted a poppy, has caused a complete breakdown of trust between us,probably totally destroyed our friendship for good. The photo was posted by a right wing fascist group called Britain First, I pointed this out, as I pointed out months ago about then highjacking the D-Day Landings to increase their page likes, at that time she agreed with me about how terrible it was for that subject to be used that way, not this time, she says she supports anything using the poppy symbol and she put an open post on her status about it, her mates now think I am an idiot for hating fascism????

Enough moaning, thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_0060 IMG_0061 IMG_0063 IMG_0064

3 thoughts on “Lost mentor

  1. So sad when something like this happens and you realise you have a fundamental difference of opinion on what is right. I agree with you. The poppy to me represents ALL people who died in the wars and should not be used to promote fascism. Oh well – time to look at these beautiful skies you have photographed – and breathe! 🙂

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