Reassurance needed

Hi, my body clock has got completely out of sinc lately, I still have weakness after my virus, this means I get very tired in the early afternoon and go to bed about 4pm and I waken about midnight, far too early. I try sleeping during the day, but only get a few minutes at a time, not any benefit to me. Celeste comes home from work at about 2.45pm, my time, and goes for her dinner about 3.20pm, therefor, when she comes back online I am ready for bed. She is very understanding about my illness, she has known about it since we met, but she is now thinking I have gone off her, far from the truth, and that is why we don’t spend so much time together in the afternoons. I can see that it is making her sad, that makes me sad too, has anybody got any advice on how to change my body clock?

Thanks for all the good wishes since we got back from Cyprus, take care.


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