Almost blocked in

Hi, due to the high winds and the very heavy rain there has been landslides in three places, two, within a short distance of one another, trapped about fifty vehicles between them on the main Fort William-Glasgow road, this was just five miles outside the town., they managed to clear enough of the road to get the vehicles out, but the continuous rain made the chances of another landslide probable, so the road was to remain closed all night. This would normally be alleviated by crossing Corran Ferry and driving the twenty five mile detour round the other side of the loch on single track road, but, due to the high winds, the ferry was off. All this was followed by news that the Fort William-Inverness road was partially blocked by a landslide, I haven’t heard an update on that. Overall a very eventful day on the local roads.

This is not due to the bad weather though, Celeste is really bunged up with the cold, she felt terrible all day at work, but felt a bit better when she got home and boiled up some ginger and sweetened it with honey, seemed to help her breathing a bit. Hope she feels better this morning.

Well after all that, I have run out of photos, I think I will go back to the Cyprus collection to bring some sunshine into our day, thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_5340 IMG_5343 IMG_5344 IMG_5346 IMG_5347 IMG_5348

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