Putting the record straight

Hi, in yesterdays story about the landslides I seemed to use the old adage, never let the truth stand in the way of a good story. I said there was fifty cars stuck between the two landslides, there was only fifteen, though that was fifteen  too many if you were stuck there. As far as […]

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Almost blocked in

Hi, due to the high winds and the very heavy rain there has been landslides in three places, two, within a short distance of one another, trapped about fifty vehicles between them on the main Fort William-Glasgow road, this was just five miles outside the town., they managed to clear enough of the road to […]

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Stormy Sunday

Hi, the rain is getting hammered against the window by gusty wind, not a day for going out for photos. I took a couple of photos in my mates flat yesterday, it is all I have for today, sorry. Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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Run out of photos

Hi, the start of another wet day, will visit my mates house, then spend the rest of the day chatting with the lovely Celeste. The only thing is that I am not getting any photos, you have seen all I have, but todays is another experiment, it was taken when Celeste and I went on […]

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