Rain stops play

Hi, I went out shopping yesterday and the intention was to go and take some photos as well, but the rain was relentless, hence no photos. The camera was shouting at me though, I looked around the flat and found some objects to photograph, then I played with them in editing, far from perfect, but […]

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Feeling fine now

Hi, my confinement seems to have worked, I am feeling a lot better and stronger now. It is Celeste’s turn now to be ill, she is feverish and sniffly, she is also not sleeping very well, I hope she had a better night last night. The thing about working in the UAE is that there […]

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Getting stir-crazy

Hi, it is coming up for four days since I have been outside the flat, recuperation coming on fine, but I am yearning to get out for a while. I will stay in today, but there are some things I need to get from the supermarket tomorrow. Celeste is counting down the days to her […]

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Lazy therapy working

Hi, since I did my shopping on Saturday morning I have only done necessary things like cooking and making smoothies, the remainder of the time has been spent resting and it is working, I am beginning to feel a bit stronger and don’t get so breathless now. I am going to keep the therapy up […]

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