St Andrews Day

Hi, I hope you all have a lovely St Andrews Day, I know that the majority of you will not be celebrating Scotlands Patron Saint, but give a thought to this beautiful country as you go about your day. Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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Black Friday over

Hi, I had no money to do any Black Friday shopping, but if I had it would have been online, seems to be a lot safer, I wouldn’t be jostled, abused or even punched. The news reports yesterday were ridiculous, there is more decorum from the animals in a cattle market. Hope you managed to […]

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Belated greetings

Hi, I forgot to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends yesterday, sorry about that, but I hope you had a great day anyway.I can’t help notice that this is Black Friday, my email inbox is full of companies offering big discounts, trying to entice me into purchases of things I don’t need. […]

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Surprise day yesterday

Hi, yesterday started normally with my chat with the lovely Celeste, then it was back to the mundane hanging about wondering if the weather would allow me out with the camera, then a message popped up in Facebook, it was a cousin I haven’t seen for years, he stays in the Far East, asking if […]

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