First Thursday of the week

Hi, I struggle to get ideas for blog titles, todays is a throwback to my teenage years. We always went out to the pub and the dances at the weekend, but, on occasion, my mate would come to my door and ask if I fancied going for a pint on a week night, I would ask what the occasion was, he would reply, “The first Tuesday of the week.”

I got out yesterday, but the photos weren’t very good, cold, frosty mornings don’t bring very good light, some for a rainy day though. I have decided it is time to learn photoshop, the main reason is the excellent deal I got from Serif for the Photoplus X7, maybe I can spend rainy days improving old photos for use on here,if I can figure out how to use it lol.

Today’s photos are on the road and the first on arrival in Glenfinnan, thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_0271 IMG_0272 IMG_0273

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