Mixed day yesterday

Hi, yesterday morning, after Celeste went to work, I made a pot of soup using brisket as the base for the stock, of course I had to taste it before I left on my travels, it was lovely. Sainsbury’s in Nairn opens at 8am so I set of about 5.50am, this would give me time to stop at Tesco’s Inverness for breakfast, it is a 24 hour store and the cafe opens at 7am, that is what it used to do anyway. I left a dry, cold Fort William and headed North East, it is nice driving at that hour, the roads are really quiet, as I neared Urquhart Castle the rain came on, I thought that is going to ruin my photos, forecasters have got it wrong again. As I drove through the rain I began really looking forward to my breakfast, that would cheer me up. I parked the car and went into Tesco’s, but what is this, the area which was an open cafe was walled in and locked. I enquired at the nearest checkout, the lady told me that a new company had taken over the franchise and it was no longer a cafe, it is a restaurant, she had an ironic grin on her face as she said it, the restaurant doesn’t open till 10am on a Sunday, a sandwich of the shelf would have to do. ย I ate that in the car-park and then carried on to Nairn. The rain still poured down as I pulled into the Sainsbury car-park and I then found out that they don’t have a cafe in there, a well, get the shopping done.

I arrived at the Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig, at 9.40, twenty minutes before it opened, but at least the rain had stopped, bit misty, but it was alright. I enjoyed my two hour visit, but was getting very tired, it is very hilly in the park and it was very difficult for me to get round, I persevered though and saw all the park. The drive home was very frustrating though, I would see glimpses of great photo opportunities, but by the time it was safe to stop there was trees at the side of the road, the view was blocked.

I will start showing the wildlife photos tomorrow, meanwhile more of Glen Nevis, thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_0464 IMG_0465 IMG_0468 IMG_0477

4 thoughts on “Mixed day yesterday

  1. Aw – such a frustrating trip! I know the feeling – when you have planned your sustenance stops – only to be thwarted by “new management”!
    Still a 50 pound voucher was worth it. I look forward to your wildlife photos ๐Ÿ™‚

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