Below 0c again

Hi, the frost is back, but how long will it last, yesterday, half an hour after I wrote that it was quieter after the previous days thunder, the peace was shattered by a very loud thunder peel. At least things are calming down in the Philippines, Typhoon Ruby has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm, which is bad enough, but less extreme.

I wonder how Celeste is this morning, she was sniffling and sneezing last night, hope it was the dust blowing in from the desert, not the cold virus again.

I got out for half an hour yesterday with the camera, the results are below, slow shutter speeds on the river shots and the wind blowing the snow on the mountain shots.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

GlenNevis2-1.jpeg-1 GlenNevis2-1.jpeg-2 GlenNevis2-1.jpeg-3 GlenNevis2-1.jpeg-4 GlenNevis2-1.jpeg-6 GlenNevis2-1.jpeg-7

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