Don’t trust WordPress scheduled publishing

Hi, I am about to rewrite a post I scheduled to publish at 2am, but has completely disappeared. There is also the little box that appears at the bottom right hand side of the screen asking, “How can we help?”, it disappears when you start writing in it.

What I wrote yesterday was about things I missed out of yesterdays post as I rambled on too much as it was. On Wednesday I went to the dentist again for her to check if a tooth she tried to save had survived, it didn’t, the split in it was wider, it had to come out, this was done quickly and painlessly. I then went to the new Costa Coffee Shop in town to meet my cousin, his partner and their adopted son, who are over from Hong Kong, it was great catching up with them, though I couldn’t drink coffee, just a cold drink through a straw lol.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

IMG_3550 IMG_3553 IMG_3552 IMG_3551-2

4 thoughts on “Don’t trust WordPress scheduled publishing

  1. Hello Ian, the ‘How can we help’ does the same for me, but if you have a query ready and start typing immediately, you can usually hold it and initiate a chat. Once that’s underway I have always found the WordPress people helpful. I hope you have a good day, regards, Phil

  2. I find these technical difficulties so frustrating; I do sympathise. Sorry about the tooth but it obviously had come to the end of its useful life. How good to have a pleasant family get-together.

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