Wednesday, blog day!

Hi, I have decided to make my blog once a week from now on, Wednesday is the chosen day, don’t ask me why Wednesday, I have no idea lol. I felt that the daily blog was putting too much pressure on me to grab as many new photos as I could, this was resulting in […]

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Living in a deep freeze

Hi, the temp here is generally in the minus at the moment, so no photos for me, I am virtually a prisoner in my flat. I can’t wait for the holiday in Fuerteventura, some heat to look forward too, and photography. Thanks for dropping in, take care.

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Taking another break

Hi, I want to thank all the people that have been my loyal followers, but I can’t sustain this blog the way it is and I can’t think of a way to develop it. I am going to take a break till some bright idea hits me, thanks again for being so friendly to me.

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Stormy weather

Hi, I can hardly hear myself typing for the noise of the strong wind outside, they recon gusts of 70mph here, but the Western Isles and further north are to get gusts of 100mph, hope everybody stays safe. Personally, I don’t have to go out today and it is Celeste’s day off, if I can […]

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