New Year, new promise

Hi, I am back after a break which included both happiness and sadness. I mentioned the passing of my uncle, at New Year the partner of one of my cousins passed away also. Having said all that, we all tried to make the most of it, we had a lovely Christmas, including a great meal, at my cousins in Ayrshire, then back home for my uncles funeral on the Saturday, a few days of normality followed, some time to spend chatting to Celeste, my poor love was quite neglected in the last few days. Luckily Celeste is a very understanding person, she had a loss herself during this time, her Grandmother (Nanay) passed away and I was heading off again myself for a trip with my cousins to the mystery place for New Year. I managed to chat with Celeste a few times when I was away and she went out with her friends for one of the days, plus she caught up on movies that she doesn’t get peace to watch when I am about lol.

I will leave you with a hint, or you could call it a link, to my mystery destination, thanks for dropping in, take care.

Day2-1-jpeg-1-19 Day2-1-jpeg-1-21 Day2-1-jpeg-1-22 Day2-1-jpeg-1-23

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