Turbo Tuesday

Hi, for the last fortnight I have been very lax with everything, it is now time to get things done. I have stuff in the fridge and freezer for making a basic meal, but I lack vegetables to accompany the meat, or fruit for snacking on, must go and do a decent shopping today. I also have travel insurance to purchase, my late uncle was booked on a holiday next month and my cousins have invited me to take his place, the break in St Andrews couldn’t have put them off me, lol, seriously, it is very good of them to invite me, the holiday on the Canary Islands is all inclusive, just excursions to pay for.

I was the last to hear of the holiday, my cousins wife knows how important Celeste is to me and how she worries about my health, Celeste was private messaged after I went to bed on Friday evening to get her feelings about me going, I didn’t know till Saturday morning, but it is nice to know how well accepted Celeste is by the family.

I will leave you now with more photos from around the coast from St Andrews, which was guessed by one person who picked up my links to a sport, St Andrews being the Home of Golf. Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Firstday-1-jpeg-1-5 Firstday-1-jpeg-1-6 Firstday-1-jpeg-1-8 Firstday-1-jpeg-1-9

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