Unpacking done for Fuerteventura

Hi, the title might sound very strange, but having arrived back from Cyprus towards the end of September, the hot weather clothing wasn’t needed in Scotland, and being all clean, it stayed in the suitcase. I looked through it yesterday and the T-shirts for three and a half weeks in Cyprus were too much for the forthcoming weeks holiday, hence a bit of unpacking went on, the last minute things like PC, camera and toiletries will go in my hand baggage.

Just one more thing, I am working my way through your blogs which have mounted up and some of them I can click the like button on, but a lot respond with Google + opening up with the like button staying white, don’t know if it is WordPress or my computer!!!

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Day2-1-jpeg-1 Day2-1-jpeg-1-3 Day2-1-jpeg-1-5 Day2-1-jpeg-1-6

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