Stormy weather

Hi, I can hardly hear myself typing for the noise of the strong wind outside, they recon gusts of 70mph here, but the Western Isles and further north are to get gusts of 100mph, hope everybody stays safe. Personally, I don’t have to go out today and it is Celeste’s day off, if I can hear her over the wind we will chat for most of the day, that makes the day brighter. She has her short day at work tomorrow, just over half day, but a friend of hers is getting married, this came out of the blue, they were mean’t to get married in the UK, but suddenly announced that they would get married in Dubai, Celeste is in a panic, new dress, present, neither in her monthly budget.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Day2-1-jpeg-1-7 Day2-1-jpeg-1-8 Day2-1-jpeg-1-11 Day2-1-jpeg-1-12

One thought on “Stormy weather

  1. I have been listening to the news this morning and the weather in Scotland sounds awful! I hope you stay safe and don’t lose your power like thousands of others. Poor Camille! Other peoples’ changes of plan can make such difficulties. More lovely photos today.

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