Wednesday, blog day!

Hi, I have decided to make my blog once a week from now on, Wednesday is the chosen day, don’t ask me why Wednesday, I have no idea lol. I felt that the daily blog was putting too much pressure on me to grab as many new photos as I could, this was resulting in very poor quality, I was putting quantity before quality. The present photos are still old ones, some are new to you, others I have tried to improve in post processing, my new regime of taking my time and planning my photos begins in Fuerteventura on Feb 7th, hopefully trickling onto my blog by the end of Feb.

I am not getting out with the camera at home just now, weather not suitable, thank goodness I have the lovely Celeste to keep me sane, she is still lighting my life, and always will do.

Thanks for dropping in, take care and thank you for all the suggestions and good wishes, you are good friends.

Botanical-1-jpeg-3 Botanical-1-jpeg-4 Botanical-1-jpeg-5 Botanical-1-jpeg-6

5 thoughts on “Wednesday, blog day!

  1. This weather is no good for photography – I have hardly taken any photos this winter. One post a week sounds fine – I look forward to them. Take care in this cold and windy weather.

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