A week late, sorry

Hi, I am sorry I missed last Wednesday, as most of you will know, I was on holiday in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, the hotel was great, but the WIFI was terrible, hence I couldn’t upload photos. I had a good holiday, apart from one thing, we went to Oasis Park on the Monday and I went my own way with the aim of taking it easy and not holding back the younger ones. The park, a Wildlife Park on a very large scale, is built on the hillside, with some pretty steep climbs, so I started off nice and easy, but then I got more determined to see everything and pushed myself beyond my limits, this resulted in me spending Wednesday in bed, totally exhausted. The annoying thing was that, after getting back to the hotel on the Monday night, I read on the leaflet which I had stuffed in my back pocket that I could have hired a mobility scooter for the day, bit late to find out lol. On the Tuesday we went on an excursion to Lanzorote, turned out not to be a very good trip for photos, plus I was too tired for anything anyway.

Overall it was a good break, thanks to my cousins for inviting me, but it was a laze on the beach type holiday, not a photographers holiday, if it wasn’t for Oasis Park I wouldn’t have many photos.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Fuerteventura1jpeg-2 Fuerteventura1jpeg-3 Fuerteventura1jpeg-4 Fuerteventura1jpeg-5 Fuerteventura1jpeg-6 Fuerteventura1jpeg-7

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