Back into the old routine

Hi, holiday well and truly over, back to the cold, wet and high winds. The only good thing is that I am seeing Celeste, because of the weak wifi in the hotel, I didn’t have much contact with her and no video chatting at all.

I am hoping that Spring is just round the corner and I can get out with the camera, I really need a few good, new photos, meanwhile I will leave you with some more from Oasis Park, Fuerteventura.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.

Fuerteventura1jpeg-4 Fuerteventura1jpeg-5 Fuerteventura1jpeg-6 Fuerteventura1jpeg-7 Fuerteventura1jpeg-8 Fuerteventura1jpeg-9

5 thoughts on “Back into the old routine

  1. Helene, I can’t understand it, I put in my username and password and that takes me to my stats page, I then click on create a new post, this again asks for my username and password, this time it doesn’t accept them. The technical problems I have had with WordPress gives me the idea that they are a very amateurish organisation.

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