Travel insurance 

Hi, I have been researching travel insurance for the trip to Hong Kong and the results are phenomenal. The first one I tried was a company which is in association with the Motability Scheme, the providers of car lease for the disabled, and the girl on the phone told me the annual cover was cheaper […]

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The big question 

Hi, there is progress in the epic journey towards marrying my lovely Celeste. I have a cousin in Hong Kong, he asked why we don’t get married there, I didn’t know we could, but it turns out we can. I looked into airfares and the cost of accommodation and, due to the length of time […]

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Weather bad again

Hi, it has been a very eventful week, though I can’t go into detail, I can tell you that, thanks to another very generous relative, Celeste and I got some really good news, but it has brought problems as well. Some day I will tell you the full story. Celeste hasn’t been very well lately, […]

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Wednesday, back to blogging

Hi, it is great to be up and running  on my phone, blogging is an addiction , I suffered cold turkey lol.  It has been an eventful two weeks, it was Celeste’s birthday two weeks ago and my birthday last Sunday, we both had lovely time together on Skype, Celeste had to work on hers, […]

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