Travel insurance 

Hi, I have been researching travel insurance for the trip to Hong Kong and the results are phenomenal. The first one I tried was a company which is in association with the Motability Scheme, the providers of car lease for the disabled, and the girl on the phone told me the annual cover was cheaper than the single trip, that was strange to start with. I said I would take the cheapest, she then told me the single trip was £700 and the annual £340, both of which are extortionate. The best I have found so far is £170, that has the same amount of medical cover as the expensive one. 

I have plenty time to do more research, thanks for dropping in, take care. 


3 thoughts on “Travel insurance 

  1. I wish you luck with your insurance research! Most insurance companies take such liberties, don’t they?
    I love your photos! The close-ups of the gorse are very good and I like the boat in harbour too. The most fascinating is the shot of the top of the mountain above the cloud. You were in the right place at the right time!

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