Trial week again

Hi, the first week in May always sees the Scotish Six Day Trials arrive in Fort William, with it usually comes the rain. This year is no exception, top riders and amateurs from all over the world competing over really tough sections, mainly up streams and accross moorland, in the pouring rain. Photographing the event is difficult for me, I can’t get up the hills to the majority of the sections, but the rain stops me going to the easier to reach as well. 

On last weeks subject, travel insurance, it is paid for, as is our flights, just the wedding to pay for and spending money to save, phew, it will be worth it in the end.

Thanks for dropping in, take care.


2 thoughts on “Trial week again

    1. Quite a bit needed for food and transport, also entrance costs to zoos etc. Hong Kong can be very expensive, especially for 30 days. I still don’t know the type of accommodation we will be in, hotel or apartment .

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