Election fever over

Hi, last Thursday saw the end of a very exciting election campaign. Scotland voted SNP, Nothern Ireland voted DUP, Wales voted Labour and England voted Conservative, therefor we are all governed by the Conservatives. I won’t say any more about it, I will let you come to your own conclusions.

Last Saturday saw the end of the Scottish Six Day Trials, Dougie Lampkin stretched his own record with a 9th win, but for us locals it was Gary MacDonald finishing 3rd that stirred the heart, well done Gary. 

Celeste and I are finding the time long in our wait to get married, almost six months to go. There are still loads of forms to fill in and submit, but it is too early for that, everything will happen at once. I will have to brace myself soon to ask my cousin for a receipt for our accommodation, it is for Celeste’s application for her visa, but it feels like saying,” Thanks for the wedding present, how much did it cost you?”

Thanks for dropping in, take care.


One thought on “Election fever over

  1. Our voting system etc definitely needs overhauling. I think all members of the UK & N Ireland (including England) would like more independence and more of a say in how we live our lives.
    You are having such struggles trying to get married to the woman you love! This visa business is so brutal isn’t it? All the best! I wish you both strength and courage, Clare.

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