Don’t know what day of the week it is.

Hi, I woke up this morning thinking I forgot something yesterday, that something was this lol. 

There isn’t much happening just now, not even getting out much to take photos, weather very changeable. All I can think about is ways of saving money, aren’t we all these days.

Celeste is very happy just now, very positive and doing a lot of planning for Hong Kong, lovely to see her so happy. I am kinda stuck at the moment, paperwork to do, but can’t get it done because of time restraints. I also have to make an appointment with a solicitor to get my signature witnessed on the wedding notice, more expense lol. 

Thanks for dropping in, take care.


2 thoughts on “Don’t know what day of the week it is.

  1. Good photos! Pleased that Celeste is happy but you sound a bit low. If only the weather would improve! Best of luck in all the jobs you have to do and hope you don’t have to spend too much more money.

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