Technology aaaaaarghhhh

Hi, this is just a quick note to say I can’t post photos this week. I used to plug the phone into the computer and transfer a file, which I stored on the phone, simple! I then saw iCloud, it said I could share my photos on all devices, it is a nightmare.  It took […]

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Where is the summer?

Hi, the couple of good days last week are the sum total of the summer so far. The photos from my Loch Shiel Cruise last week were ruined with smearing on the camera sensor, the joys of changeable lenses in the open air. Celeste has had quite a time lately, there was a roumour that […]

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Late again

Hi, I went on a cruise yesterday on an inland loch, Loch Shiel. The cruise is operated by Loch Shiel Cruises and offers a selection of one, two and all day cruises, Wedensday is the all day cruise. The boat owner/skipper, Jim Michie, is very knowledgable about the history and wildlife around the loch, he […]

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Sad post today

Hi, the Highlands of Scotland, indeed the whole of the UK, suffered a sad loss on Monday evening with the death of our ex MP, Charles Kennedy. Charles represented a Highland Constituancy for 32 years, laterly including his home town of Fort William, he lost his seat in the General Election a few weeks ago […]

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