Sad post today

Hi, the Highlands of Scotland, indeed the whole of the UK, suffered a sad loss on Monday evening with the death of our ex MP, Charles Kennedy. Charles represented a Highland Constituancy for 32 years, laterly including his home town of Fort William, he lost his seat in the General Election a few weeks ago by standing by his principles which was to fight for a federal UK, as against an independent Scotland. 

Charles was a genuine person, if I met him in the street he would give a warm greeting, not in a sleazy politician way of trying to get your vote, but a warm greeting for a fellow Lochaber person. Although I have been a Liberal Democrat since the party began, I didn’t vote for Charles in the last election, I still believe in a federal system, but I now don’t think it is achievable under the Westminster system. It is people like me that Charles felt had stabbed him in the back, his words on the platform after the result,” The night of the Skean Dhus” was referring to the ones whom he relied upon to carry on the hard work he always did for the Constituancy .

It is with both sadness and a touch of guilt that I mourn the passing of a great Statesman, RIP Charles Kennedy.

Thanks for dropping in, take care. The photos were all taken around Charles’s home town.


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