Late again

Hi, I went on a cruise yesterday on an inland loch, Loch Shiel. The cruise is operated by Loch Shiel Cruises and offers a selection of one, two and all day cruises, Wedensday is the all day cruise. The boat owner/skipper, Jim Michie, is very knowledgable about the history and wildlife around the loch, he pulls in close to point out things that you would easily miss. The loch is 18 miles long and the all day cruise covers the full length. 

Yesterday was funny, weather wise, it was cloudy with quite a strong wind, it was freezing cold in fact. Near Acharacle, the far end of the loch, the wind died down and the sun came out, the lunch break there was very pleasant. The return journey was really hot, the suns rays reflecting of the water, I am like a lobster today lol. 

Photos will follow next week, thanks for dropping in, take care.


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